Omakase Sundays

Experience our delightful six-course of
'omakase (chef’s choice)' menu for dinner on Sundays.

Every Sunday
anytime between 5:30pm and 7:00pm
$60 per person
reservations are required three days prior
 minimum for two people


Steamed chicken breast and okra (lady’s fingers) mixed with Japanese sour plum sauce
Savory steamed egg and soymilk custard with prawn and ginnan (ginkgo nut)

Daily selection of fresh fish sashimi

Kyoto-style grilled fish of the day marinated in miso with pickled daikon radish

Tonkatsu (breaded pork loin cutlet) with trio of sauce

Seasoned rice pot with snow crab meat

Coffee jelly

*menu items are subject to change

BYO wines welcome and no corkage fee for omakase guests

Special priced bottle of sake (720ml) for omakase (pre-order only)
Sawahime tokubetu junmai - chilled $40
medium dry sake with round aroma of rice and soft smooth taste
Sawahime kimoto junmai - warmed $43
mildly sharp taste with smoky finish

Please contact us on 08 9227 1074 or to book with mentioning omakase.